COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Response:  What We Are Doing

In addition to normal sanitary procedures, after each exam and client transaction we will mop the floor, disinfect tables, counters, and seating areas.  Please be patient with us as we appropriately sanitize the hospital.

Hours of Operation

In response to the only essential services limitations, and in consideration of our staff with care responsibilities for their children and parents, we have reduced our hours of operation.  We will remain open as much as possible during normal business, but we may open late or close early based on the availability of staff, and the essential services to be provided.

Essential vs Non Essential Services

Drop offs/Appointments will only be coordinated for essential appointments.  (see below)

Essential Services

-Sick pets
-Pets in need of Rabies or Lepto vaccines, Heartworm Prevention, Deworming
-Puppies and Kittens maintaining vaccine series
-Emergency Surgery (Dental Pain/Infection, Laceration Repair, etc.)
-For any uncertainties with what is considered essential, please consult one of our veterinarians.

Non-Essential (or Non-Urgent) Services

-Elective OHE/Castration
-Routine Dental Prophylaxis
-General Check-Up Exam with no other scheduled vaccines or testing

Appointment Types

Drop Offs

Going forward, we will try to schedule as many appointments as possible as drop offs.  To accommodate the increased drop-offs, we have temporarily modified the drop off window to be 8am-12pm.  Drop-off appointments are available Monday-Friday.

Drop off forms are available in Customer Forms.  If possible, please fill out and submit to our email ( prior to your scheduled appointment.  When you arrive at the hospital, please park and call the hospital staff to receive further instructions.

Wellness Appointments 

When arriving at the hospital, please park and call to notify the staff.  You will receive specific instructions, and once prompted, please bring your pet to the front door to be handed off to a tech.

Sick Appointments

Please call in advance.  Upon arrival, please call and notify the staff and we will direct you into an exam room.  We ask that clients be limited to one human per pet (with certain exceptions, like a single parent with children) to go into the exam room. Signs will be posted in the exam rooms instructing clients to stay in their room until they have been checked out by the team member working with them.

We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation during these uncertain times.

-The Staff at My Pet’s Vet